Rollcon Engineers under takes Bakery Products Handling System

We gives systems as per customer requirements :
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Food Grade Conveyors
  • Frying Chain Conveyors
  • Product Printing Conveyors

Bakery Products handling systems

Tost conveyor along with working table for sorting the quality. Designed as per clients requirement.

Khari Conveyor

It is drag type chain system conveyor to carry the khari tray along with working table it is also custom made design.

Butter Conveyor

It is canvas belt type butter conveyor made as per customr requirements it

Corregotted box guming Conveyor

It is gumming conveyor, the ogutted box is making easy the the stapling due to the gum pasting on the edge of stapling and it results the productivity faster than the stapling. And also avoide the damages of inside contentens from leakages due to staple pin edge.

Center Cleated conveyor belt for bagasse handling of co - gen.

It is manufactured as perclient requirement to convey the bagasse for co-gen boiler for more inclination trough type belt conveyor Fertilizer handling system

Fertilizer Handling System

It is manufacture for fertilizer raw material 5 tph. handling and mixing system. They are using the bucket elevator but due to chemicals and othe addatives the casing of the elevator get rusty and the total handling system fail. Hence we had developed the cleated belt and running smoothly.

Co - gen conveyor split work / modification

We had modified the co-gen conveyor in two conveyor i.e. one is for feeding to and other is to bagasse yardwe had modified without disturbing the structural work. We had also modified the bagasse handling rack conveyor from last mill to co-gen rack elevator conveyor (sugar plant to co-generation plant)

Product Printing Conveyor
Product Printing Conveyor
Previous System
Previous System
Modified belt conveyor system
Modified belt conveyor system
Food grade conveyor for loose sugar ( exported to keneya / sudan )
Food grade conveyor for loose sugar