• 14 feet Boom length x 750 mm width ( Truck Loader )
  • 33 feet Boom length x 750 mm width.
  • 45 feet Boom length in two stages ( i.e. 12 feet and 33 feet ).

M.S. Fabricated frame out of 40 x 40 x 5 angle, 25 x 5 flat runner and 125 x 65 channel mounted on rubber tyre wheels for easy movement.

Pneumatic rubber tyre wheels will be provided for easy movement.

  • ADV 500 X 19 ( For 14 feet Stacker )
  • ADV 600 X 19 ( For 33 feet Stacker )
  • ADV 700 X 19 ( For 45 feet Stacker )
  • Manually operated winch will be provided for raising and lowering the boom.
  • For 14 feet Stacker: ( Truck Loader)
  • Minimum delivery height 3 feet
  • Maximum delivery height 9 feet
  • Minimum delivery height 8 feet.
  • Maximum delivery height 22 feet.
  • Minimum delivery height10 feet.
  • Maximum delivery height 32 feet.
  • It consists of Kirloskar / Siemens / Crompton or Standard make
  • Electric Motor and Shanti / Radicon / Elecon make gear boxes.

Motor H.P 2 Reduction gear size A - 287 or 3.54 inch

Motor H.P 5 Reduction gear size U-500 or 5.00 inch

Motor H.P 7.5 Reduction gear size U-600 or 6.00 inch

Steel chain of 4 mm link thickness ( case Hardened ) in two rows with alternate wooden and Steel slats.

Unit will be provided with screw type take up unit for correct adjustment chain tension.

Approx speed will be about 80 feet per minute.

Stacking capacity about 750 to 800 bags per hour up to :
  • 14 layers ( for 14 feet stacker )
  • 30 layers ( for 33 feet stacker )
  • 42 layers ( for 45 feet stacker )

Only Electric Motor and suitable starter will be provided by us. Required switches, cables and plugs points to be provided by the factory scope

Steel structure of the stacker will be painted with one coat of Red oxide Metal Primer and one coat of ink blue paint or as per Requirement.

High Incline belt Conveyor 51 Deg. :
  • We are manufacturing the high incline cleated conveyor belts as per your requirements.
  • It saves the maintenance cost along with spares cost compare to Slat chain conveyor.
  • It is easy to install, required less space, low operation costs, less wear and tear. It can be customized as per clients demand.

Belt type loader
  • It is used to load the bags or boxes to truck. It is having the hydraulic lifting arrangement manual and power pack as per clients requirements.
  • It is easy to movement due to Pneumatic tyre assymble.
  • It is better than the slat chain type loader. It reduces the operation and maintenance costs.

Belt type Lodar cum stacker
  • It is suitable for truck loader and also for stacking up to height 12 ft. it is custom made.
  • We can supply as per your required capacity, length mainly it is used for P.P. or Jute bags.
  • It also having the low operation and maintenance costs. For easy movement there is provision of the pneumatic and polymer wheels.
  • The technical data will be available on request or against specific enquiry.

Pug Mill of 10 mtr. length

The pugmil is designed and manufactured to suitable 4 no. centrifugal machine capacity 1750kg/charge. Total length of pugmill is 10mtr.


Godown Conveyor
Godown Conveyor / Stacker for handling bags
Pass Bagasse feeding system
By pass Bagasse feeding system for co-generation boiler 44 M.W.
EPVC bag flattener conveyor
EPVC bag flattener conveyor
Food grade sanetery napkin conveyor
Food grade sanetery napkin conveyor system with VFD drive
Bag Diverter
Bag Diverter